Powerful Quote #93 : Forgive or Forget or Do both

Be happy by forgiving or forgetting or doing both,
but we can gain no happiness by holding grudges.

– Word by Din

forgive or forget

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6 thoughts on “Powerful Quote #93 : Forgive or Forget or Do both

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  1. Tough. ..but then I guess its a choice. Its funny how people graciously forgive you for something that you did not do. It irritates me to no end. They are not willing to listen to arguments, see reason…just because its tough for them to accept they are wrong. Can we live with that? Especially if they are a part of family and you cannot least of all aviod them. Forgive and forget huh?…I have put up a post titled block and tackle on the same topic.


    1. Really tough I agree with you. However the more we carry the hatred more self harm we can cause, stress and lack of trust builds up. as you said we cannot let go our family, but we can talk to them if they are not willing to listen, we need to tackle as you say.

      Thanks for the feedback bro 🙂


        1. Oh.. 😛 I am sorry Sis… Just little confusion over name as whole.. 🙂


  2. Absolutely True. Nothing is permanent in life.
    By forgiving and forgetting remains in the memories of concerned.
    What goes around comes around.


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