Just 10 mins, 6 Meaningful Ads, NO SMOKING – Share this!

Just 10 mins, 6 Meaningful Ads to Think why we are concerned.

NO SMOKING – Can be a message to you if you smoke, or you can pass to your friends. May be he/she or friends of friends may smoke. This is not just a help, You can save many lives. Share this playlist with your friends and family.


8 thoughts on “Just 10 mins, 6 Meaningful Ads, NO SMOKING – Share this!

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        1. Well my respect to people is for their good deeds, same goes with the “Ji” for you too, not for your age 🙂 Are you a School Kid? Thought you might have finished your college and working! Ha ha..Ok As you prefer “Dishi”.

          By the way I am not an old man (just crossed 26) as I talk too much philosophy (just by birth a defective piece to talk so much 😛 beg your pardon for this lengthy comments too )

          And about your question, I was curious to know about you after getting to know that you are a child right activist as you mentioned in your blog. So searched in FB with your name you provided there, as I have a distant thought of asking you for an article someday “Why you have chosen this field?” You might have noticed “Appreciate Talents” a section in our blog. May be someday we will see.


        2. Everything is fine but please no, don’t choose me for that section. I don’t deserve that.

          And please don’t say you are a defective piece. You are the greatest piece I have ever come across. A person with so much of knowledge and talents. And from the day I have started reading your blog have started respecting you in the highest order.

          And about the ‘ji’, actually I have started feeling a friendly relation with you. That’s why told you to call me only Dishi. 🙂

          Btw, I completed my post graduation eve. 😉


        3. hmm… fine Dishi, I am yet to start my search for inspiring people on full fledged mode and bring them together here. So when I’ll begin it, I will let you know how much people like you deserve to be appreciated, definitely its not for praising you or anyone, it is for inspiring young minds. We will see to it later. 🙂

          Thanks a lot for your good opinion about me. I do not know whether I am up to it or not, but I do my best to be true to your words.

          Take care Dishi 🙂


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