Five Thoughts for You : Prostitution


5. Soul beyond the flesh

How do you define a good human? Just take out the sexual facet of the human species and define some traits as far as you know. How many of us will pass this good human test? We need to see life beyond the flesh and the lust of the body. We can hold many valuable traits as a human being, so as the victims of prostitution. They are having a good soul too.

4. Whom to blame?

Prostitutes are generally viewed as morally bad people and cheap people. Have you read their stories? The majority of them was not entered into that with willingness. Many are victims of the society’s lust. Prostitution even has roots to ancient times, where women are sold and this continues even now. The society has to take the blame. We are no more primates and developed our 6th sense centuries back, so we have to behave like that.

3. Look at the statistics

Just do a little search about prostitution, child trafficking and the legalization of prostitution in various countries. You will get the picture of this horrible inhumanity we humans are doing. Every child is born to a mother, but how many are the result of love and dedication between a man and a woman? There are fathers and mothers who sold their girl children for money into prostitution. There are tender little souls who does not aware what is sex are brought into this industry. Just study the statistics.

2. Who is a Prostitute?

Many assume prostitution is something that the women does for money alone. The view is so myopic because prostitution is not always done for money. It is an act of letting someone advantage of one’s body for some other thing in exchange. Mostly that thing is money. The woman / man who willingly uses her/his body as a sexual tool for personal gain are the real prostitutes. Those who lustfully cheat on truthful spouses are the real prostitutes. Definitely not a girl who was being sold into the sex trade with innocent soul. She is not a prostitute at all, just another girl who got abused, a rape victim. Psychologically they were brainwashed to do so.

1. Where is the change?

The change is in “You”, the change is in “Me” its we the individuals need to change our attitude towards woman and see them as a human being and as a living soul. Not as some piece of skin and meat. Everywhere we see today, women are either voluntarily or not voluntarily used as an object to sexually lure others. We call it so fancy as Sexy, Hot, Spicy, Glamourous, Beauty or whatever… This has to be stopped at our mind levels. You need not go to a prostitute to get involved in prostitution, even by looking at a woman who does not belong to you by soul is an act of prostitution. This lust of individuals grows, grows and gives shape to prostitution, trafficking and crimes. If you think with bigger mind you can get what I mean! The change is in YOU.

– Words by Din


8 thoughts on “Five Thoughts for You : Prostitution

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  5. Beautifully written. Loved your point on who is a prostitute…human trafficking has become rampant these days. Children sold by their parents due to poverty are forced into slavery snd prostitution. Poor innocent lives ruined while they ought to be in school and be the future. I read I few such stories recently for writing a post. Its just horrible.


  6. Dinesh ji, is that written by you? Oh I so badly loved it. I have the same concern like you for them. Yes our society don’t see them with good eyes but one should also try to see the human behind that flesh. I have heard about many of those who are well educated but still somehow they got trapped by this social issue.
    The reason can be many behind coming to this line but very few people in our society have that capacity to understand and feel that.


    • Yes I have written that, missed to add my usual footer note “Words by Din”, actually these are excerpts from the book that I am writing now called “SEI” (means DO) – provoking thoughts for youth.

      Glad that you liked it and hope the conveyed message reaches. You are in sync with good thoughts kudos to you and we need more youngsters think about the missing dimensions of the society. Let’s continue to induce them to think in whatever way possible. SEI is also a workshop I am conducting for students.

      Thank you Dishi ji, I value your thoughtful words a lot.


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