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TranslateNow Propel Steps blog is available in 71 languages. Translated via Google. This feature may not be accurate for a few languages, however we believe this will be an aiding tool for non-English readers.  (Thanks Google)

We convey our gratitude to all the readers across the globe, who visit our blog whenever feasible. You made it possible for us to reach 172 countries till date. 

By now you could have found a theme on our posts. Yes we are working on ways to cultivate positive thoughts on minds through various stories, news, facts and interesting stuffs. We see it as an education and learning of stuffs that we can share with each other. 

Though we are from India, our perspective towards all comes with a humanitarian perspective, valuing every individual person’s own cultural and nationality backgrounds. 

Knowledge, Wisdom and Love are the common threads which will always connects every single human in this world and we wish to maximize the connectivity through this common thread.

Now we are a very little organization, with a very few people to back up our Vision to educate the younger generation along the common thread of Knowledge, Wisdom and Love for a sustaining future. Our journey has just begun, surely we will reach greater numbers and travel places to inspire millions of youngsters across India. 

Some day in the future our journey will make it to the global arena. We are positive about this and we are thankful for every one of who support us directly and indirectly by visiting our blog. Your feedback and inquiries are always welcomed. 🙂

Thank you all.


– Din

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    1. Thanks for reblogging Nancy. we owe a special gratitude to you for all the reblog you have done and being a consistent support. Thank you 🙂


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