Story : A little Humour always needed in life


Life has become so routine for a husband and wife. Its been almost 10 years since marriage, the time they spend for  each other reduced gradually as the years progress. They take less moments out of their busy professional life to smile together or to go out to spend some worthy time.

One night the wife got up suddenly finding the husband missing beside her on the bed. She calls him and started searching him. When she entered the kitchen she has seen him preparing coffee. “Honey, preparing coffee for who by this time?” asked the wife with a strange look on her face. “For us dear” he remained silent after saying that.

“Hmm.. Okay”, they both started sipping the coffee slowly and the wife asked him, “Dear, all you alright? I know I am not spending time for you what I suppose to, but that does not take away my love in you sweetheart.” while she is attempting to speak more, noticing the tears in his eyes she placed the coffee on a table and held his face in her palm. “Why dear?” she asked.

“Well honey you remember, 10 years before exactly the same day your dad caught us in the park while we were about to kiss and you prevented him from beating me up. He warned me to marry you immediate and he would pardon me only if my intention was to marry you then” said the husband.

“Yes dear, I do remember” nodded the wife. “He even pointed a gun at my head and threatened if I not marry you he would send me to prison for 10 years, I am just crying for that, this would be my Date of Release from the prison if he had sent me so!”, he was breaking into laughter and imagine yourself what would be the wife’s reaction.

She was chasing him to beat, he ran to their kids room. As she enters the dark room, there waits their two kids wishing them “Happy Anniversary Mom :)” in the chorus. She was stunned and happiness filled her eyes. Finding no words, she found that everything was a plan by her husband and kids. It was so romantic in the candlelight, she just hugged her husband and kissed him as the kids embraced their parents.



Spend some smile times with family, profession can find many professionals but not our families can find one to replace us. Have a happy life.

– Words by Din
(Enhanced writing about something I have read)

4 thoughts on “Story : A little Humour always needed in life

  1. Well said. Very essential to categorize some time often to spend with family. That ensures good vigor too.
    Let us all have Happy Life.


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