20 News Daily : Nov.21.2013

  1. Bangalore, Chennai top on website’s bribe index, cash paid totals Rs 23cr

  2. Andhra Pradesh set to face cyclone Helen’s wrath 

  3. Jailed persons can contest polls

  4. Now, schools impart lessons in kitchen gardening

  5. Bangalore woman attacked in ATM

  6. Nigerian held with Rs 1cr drugs

  7. Yahoo to encrypt all users’ data

  8. Facebook defends beheadings footage

  9. Afghan-US security deal ‘finalised

  10. Ancient Egyptians mummified food for afterlife

  11. Scientists use CT scans, 3-D printers to recreate fossils

  12. New insights into evolution of Earth’s atmosphere

  13. World Philosophy Day

  14. Number of migratory birds declines

  15. Blood test can predict life expectancy

  16. Oxford’s word of the year: Selfie!

  17. Children ‘slower than parents were’

  18. An underwater hotel opens in Africa 

  19. Day in pictures

  20. China retains supercomputer crown

Courtesy & Sources : BBC, Times of India, The Hindu


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