Alert! : Going to the ATM? Precautions : A Woman brutally attacked in ATM

You must have come across this news, it happened not in an isolated village ATM but in Bangalore. A woman was brutally attacked by a robber with a machete ( a heavy knife ). She survived it but the barbarian escaped and till now not arrested in spite of having a video footage of all his act of cowardice and brutality. A big question is are these CCTVs aren’t lively monitored by anyone? If not, what the heck the use of these cameras? Why there is no surveillance facility to monitor the CCTV cams of ATMs 24×7 live? They can notify police in case of any robbery, violence or theft. Banks can appoint them or outsource it as well. There are so many jobless and even students can do this job part-time. As appointing a security guard for all the ATMs could be an additional measure but that alone is not a complete fool proof way. 

Before you go to any ATM, please follow these steps.

1. It is absolutely fine to stand in a line of 4 people, always prefer ATM in a crowded place.  Mostly, Avoid going alone to ATMs in a remote location, which has no security. Make plans and withdraw cash in advance. Always keep some extra cash as a backup / emergency, so that it reduces the chances of visiting ATMs frequently. If you are a father or a husband, always ensure women from your home has enough cash as a reserve so that they do not need to visit the ATM alone.

2. If you can talk along your friend / relative with you it is more advisable to ask him/her to wait outside for you and if anything happens odd they can always call the Police immediately. If no one else is there, just call / text a friend that you are going to the ATM and will text / call back in 5 mins, not only ATMs whenever women go outside to a new place, it’s always better to keep the concerned people informed. 

3. If you find anybody locked inside the shutter, please do not panic and run. Also not to try to get in to ATM to do any heroic activity, because it may cause the culprit go mad and cause damage to your life as well as the victims. Just lock the Shutter from outside, inform the police, then warn the culprit from outside not to harm the victim, negotiate that if he not harm the victim you will let him go, just manage till the police comes and they can sedate and capture the culprit or any other way they can save the victim.

4. If you are locked inside, do not try to fight the robber unless you are trained martial arts. Just withdraw the amount and give and let him go. Because there is a CCTV footage of his face you can retrieve your money later. Even if it is not gonna return, let it be, your soul is worth a lot than the money.

Be Safe! Where ever you are. 

Sick of idiots who do not value a life and after all they cannot steal more money than the withdrawal limit. Is that the worth of a soul in India? The future has to answer. Please share your opinions on this and how effective we can include technology and security to prevent any such happening in future.

– Words by Din



4 thoughts on “Alert! : Going to the ATM? Precautions : A Woman brutally attacked in ATM

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  3. Lazy corrupt Police should start to lose their jobs if they can’t catch this man who is very clear in the footage. If he is convicted of this robbery, strip the man naked and flog him in front of the public till he begs and cries for mercy. Then tell other would be grandma beating robbers, this is what you will get if you rob and beat old ladies. Simple and effective justice. (Our politicians in Europe haven’t the guts to do this, so we have young jobs who sneer at the law and if they do get caught, sit around in prison for a while watching tv, playing video games and getting high on drugs).


    • Our anger is justified as you do have. But you know something, the state government has issued grace period of 48 hours to find the criminal. But they are yet to find.

      If they do not find, its shame. but most of the bad police have a habit of framing some other guy into this. Let see what happens. Thanks for your feedback on this. Nice to see people give voice for righteous!


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