Powerful Quote #100 : Music

Our minds may hit a numb moment, able to see nothing clearly!
Just look at a playlist and try to play a song!
The mind will locate what it wants like a magic!
A Music blended with right lyric is a medicine to mind!
Immerse yourself and do a Quick fix!
I hope only aliens are allergic to songs 😛
“You like music right?” ; )

– Words by Din

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2 thoughts on “Powerful Quote #100 : Music

  1. I tried what you have suggested and truly my mind picked what it wanted to hear, cool. And yes, I love music.


    • That’s nice to know. :)Thank you. I wondered about your name Athena! and go on to click and found this is your organization for the welfare of Women.

      You have a noble vision and mission. I hope you spread out to all categories and classes of society and pass the values you wish to imbibe. Glad to know some fellow change makers. We all in the same boat with different oars . So how’s your mission going on?

      My best wishes.


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