Five Thoughts for You : Missing Characters in Children’s Life

Our educational system merely sees Academics as a part of the curriculum, well the majority of the time. Rarely it gives any emphasis to few other missing areas where the children’s development relies on so much. Let us see five of the few missing areas.


Family Connector
Family plays a key role in children’s future, this is not about doing their homework or parents aiding the kids on their school assignments. It has something more. The kind of environment the family offers shapes the child’s personality a lot. Even the household works add value to their life as well as academic disciplines. It has a lot to do with their future leadership and management skills. In this case both the family and the students need to be educated. But this remains as a huge gap in many educational systems.

Adolescence Advisor
Well a few sophisticated schools have a psychological counselor for the students. Even a few Govt. Schools claims to have a full time counselor. However the effectiveness and active part they do take in children’s development is still an issue of debate. When kids reach adolescence they are bombarded with so many issues around like infatuation, movies influence, social happenings, sex exploration, role model selection, etc. This stage is so peculiar and important which needs a right person with them to moderate, streamline and interpret the things reach them in an appropriate manner. So they can grab on to the right perspective on the sensitive issues which they rarely discuss with anyone. Many children are getting wrong opinions, notions and changing their life tracks abrupt at this stage. Education Systems yet to come with a reliable solution for this.

Diversion Keeper
Young age is the age to explore everything, both good and bad sides need to be explored, studied what it is and students need to get matured minds and choose the good deeds, after only understanding why they need to choose them. A mere morality preaching would be a boring business and compress them a lot. This exploration happens right from the day one they leave the home, they come across many diversions, the teachers and parents who spend more time with them need to act as a diversion keeper as well. They should exactly know where the kids mind diverts and to keep them on to a good track. This is all about the little things in life to help, to show caring, to be moral, etc. Diversions should be addressed with the utmost care. For instance we see kids who behave so rude to other kids, such kids need to be given special time and should be diverted from that habit. Many more numerous issues like this are addressed via moral studies as a part of curriculum, only concern is how good it follows up the kids actually practice them in their life!

A Trusted Counselor
Whenever a kid is confused or troubled, he / she should have a person to rely on. Be it a parent, or a teacher, or an elder in the family or an elderly person, who can diagnose the situation and guide on the right path. All the previous points discussed the Outside -IN perspective, where we clearly knew about what issues we are going to support the students; it’s all about we reach out to them. This part is entirely different even we may not be aware of what an individual kid concerned about, this is Inside-OUT for a kid. So who is going to act as a trusted counselor for the kid? Well we should be always ready and accessible to the kids, you may be a parent or a teacher or a family person, just be the one for the kid. Their problems start when they find no one to go when they are troubled.

The Big Picture Guide
What all we are talking to the kids mostly? We presume that its too early for them or we assume they are just kids very young to understand certain things. Well we could be wrong! We should not confine them to the circles of Marks – Job – Money cycle as life. Now we know that life is not just about this. Many dimensions missing in what they learn in the schools. Let us give the bigger picture to them. Talk to them, take them places, educate them, make them to explore, guide them and always show them the BIGGER PICTURE of LIFE AROUND. Let us not blame schools or educational system or the society just like that, we need to take responsibility for the kids, they learn more from us than what they learn from textbooks. Even the bigger changes in Educational systems will definitely come only through our collective efforts not only by the educationalists.

Hope you got the bigger picture behind these five thoughts!

– Words by Din


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