Powerful Quote #101 : Say NO to Wars

Once upon a time in the history, Wars were sign of Pride, Bravery and Courage. Now Wars have become a sign of Cruelty, Hatred and Shame! This is the proof that many Humans started realizing their true worth. We need to start acting on what we are realizing, before it becomes too late.

– Words by Din

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Image Courtesy : Deviantart


4 thoughts on “Powerful Quote #101 : Say NO to Wars

  1. Wars are a sign or the arms industry, high profits, cheap politics and coverage of everything that is wrong. If we wish to survive and co exist its a must to have peace and that can be done only by stopping wars.


    • Insightful comment Athena, But who drops weapons first remains a debate. Every nation builds weaponry in the name of defense and if they let it down there are others who will take advantage and strike them (ex.terrorists). Critical issue.


  2. Now we have to summon up the courage in a different way to step away from war and create peace for all mankind.


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