Why Sledging? : “Get ready for a ** broken arm” – Michael Clarke

Michael Clarke and James Anderson

Ashes is the Cricket series which not only being loved by the Aussies and the English, every cricket loving nation loves to watch the game. We regard Ashes as the Premium Quality bilateral series than any other series in Cricket. 

We all know players at times go verbal and its obvious in the game and it’s part of it. But this time many sports fans got disappointed by Clarke’s comment get ready for a ** broken arm”  during the first match. Clarke was fined 20 percent of his match fee on Monday after a stump microphone caught him telling the fast bowler to expect a broken arm in the final stages of Australia’s 381-run victory in Brisbane on Sunday. This went on air to millions of viewers as well by Channel Nine. 

Well there could be a reason why he might have behaved like that. However, what is the respect for this sport which is regarded as a Gentlemen’s Game? He should have handled it far better for his experience in the middle as an eminent player.

Similar issue goes around David Warner’s comment about Trott’s dismissal as  “pretty poor and pretty weak”

When Johnson was asked afterwards whether he had seen fear in Trott’s eyes, there was confirmation that England’s No3 has now become a target in Australia. “Do you want me to answer that?” Clarke said as Johnson hesitated. When the man of the match finally answered, he said: “I dunno. There were a couple of nice ones that were zinging past his nose where there might have been a little bit of fear there.”

Asked again whether he had seen fear in Trott’s eyes, Johnson smiled and said nothing. “Good answer, Mitchy, good boy,” added Clarke, to general hilarity. For Trott, this is deadly serious.

Cook had admitted: “He’s had a tough game, he knows that. But you have to remember the guy is class. He’s had a little blip in these last couple of games but he’s a class player and class players bounce back. I know he’s been working incredibly hard at it and anyone who has seen the net sessions can see he is trying to work on it.

“It is just a matter of him trying to take that into the middle. When the emotion and the pressure of the game is on, it can be quite tough to think as clearly as you need to.”

– Excerpts : Guardian

We Cricket fans knew very well about Australia and what they typically do in order to take an extra edge on the opponents. The world is watching you guys.  🙂 

A brief history about players who raised themselves to greater heights Stuart Broad, from the same English side is an example, he had got stuck for 6 sixes in an over once. Now he has emerged so matured and powerfully. Hope Warner understands this part of the game. Trott will come back! And we want him to come back strong.

It is a lesson for young cricketers what need to be talked on and off the field and how to deal with games like this. Hope the next generation cricketers do not sledge and keep the Cricket as  Gentlemen’s Game forever. 

3 thoughts on “Why Sledging? : “Get ready for a ** broken arm” – Michael Clarke

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    1. Oh! Thanks for bringing this to notice, every the media sources sited there should be a reason why clarke behaved so. He it is!


      1. It was revealed by Sharne Warne through twitter… He was in the commentary panel of the channel. After his revelations came the apology from channel 9.

        But still Clarke should have restrained himself.. Everybody do that these… I miss Michael Hussey !!


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