Know : How many countries can you travel without VISA? Complete list

Are you an Indian? Then you can travel to only 52 countries without a VISA. India stands behind 144 countries among the total of 199 countries.

Whereas 34 countries have the privilege to travel to more than 150 countries without a VISA. Citizens of Finland, Sweden and UK (Great Britain) enjoys the best privilege to travel 173 countries without a VISA, followed by Denmark, Germany, Luxembourg, U.S.A which is not far behind as they are allowed in 172 countries as per the annual Henley & Partners Visa Restrictions Index which ranks countries according to the nations their citizens can access just using their passport.

Nine of the top 10 countries are EU members with only the USA breaking the European dominance by being placed joint second with Denmark, Germany and Luxembourg.

The index, which says that there are 219 countries in the world, indicates that EU membership is a vital factor for visa free movement. Sweden has been a member of the European Union since 1995.

Passport holders from Afghanistan will encounter the most problems travelling abroad as they were ranked last in the list. Afghan citizens can only visit 28 countries without a visa placing them in 93rd place followed by Iraq (31 countries) and Pakistan and Somalia on 32 countries.

Russia was ranked 41st with 95 countries and a travel expert revealed there are loopholes in visiting the country. Many Swedes travel to Russia on cruise ships which depart from Stockholm without requiring a visa.

“Russian visas remain complex, but if you take a cruise to St Petersburg you can dodge the red tape. The same applies to the 72-hour stopover scheme just introduced by several major gateways to China,” said tour operator Neil Taylor to the Independent newspaper in Britain.

There are 71 countries in the world whose citizens with their passports are allowed to travel to 100 or more other countries without a VISA. To our surprise Russia ranks 41 in the list with the score of 95.  After 64th ranked country (Saudi Arabia) the no. of countries that can be travelled without VISA is getting fewer than the countries rank. In that way 82 countries are allowed to travel less than the ranks.

(Without VISA means you can get a VISA on arrival or as per the country’s norm, but can travel to reach the country without any VISA)


Courtesy,  Copyrights and Data Source : Henleyglobal

Note : This is shared for educational purposes only, (data source from Henleyglobal). For more details / study please reach Henleyglobal, who holds the complete credits for this highly informative data.

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