Humans with Ugly minds : Man sues wife for having Ugly Kids!

Just read this news story first…


The old adage ‘beauty is in the eye of the beholder’ may ring true for some, but one husband in northern China feels that his ‘beautiful’ wife bamboozled him by having ‘ugly’ kids.  Jian Feng sued his wife for giving birth to what he called ‘incredibly ugly’ girl and won.

“I married my wife out of love, but as soon as we had our first daughter, we began having marital issues,” he told the Irish Times.

“Our daughter was incredibly ugly, to the point where it horrified me.”

But wait… there’s more to the story than Feng’s blatant lack of love for his own child, he insists that his wife should have told him about all the plastic surgery she’d had prior to meeting them so he could have made an informed decision on whether to marry her and procreate.

A judge agreed… 

Details + the wife’s before & after photos below…

Initially Jian accused his wife of infidelity, because he knew he could never be the father of an unattractive child but DNA tests proved that the child was indeed his. Feng’s wife then came clean and admitted that she had undergone about $100,000 worth of cosmetic surgery in South Korea before they met.

Feng sued his wife on grounds of false pretenses, for not telling him the truth about the plastic surgery, and duping him into believing that she was beautiful.

A judge agreed with Feng’s argument and ordered his wife to fork over $120,000. (source)

Yes… old girl should have told him about her procedures, but his issue wasn’t with her or her looks, it was with his own CHILD. No one has control over their children’s appearance and it’s clearly possible for two beautiful people to produce a ‘not so attractive’ child and vice versa. Feng thinks he’s attractive, but he’s totally UGLY on the inside with this whole focus of looks etc.  Perhaps his $120,000 will fill the void of his producing “ugly” children.

– News

This just shows how ugly a few of humans among us! Even in her perspective, why so much importance to her appearance? And spent US$100, 000 on plastic surgery? When someone cannot appreciate and accept the real self of us, what is the point in expecting a fake like with a fake face! Well many in the world are behind this myth. 

If our brain changes its pattern of reception to the wavelengths that our eyes interpret, all fair human faces will look black, blue or green. That guy is even worst to abandon his own wife and child after all for looks, as if he is going to live young and beauty till death. He joins the list of Ugliest men I ever come to know. 

Even today’s media, society pass on this myth of looks outside. There are many beautiful souls inside among us. Least people bother about them. Short, Tall, Black, White, Slim, Fat? All appearance myths. 

See a person by their virtues and character, not by appearance. We need to learn to associate our beauty to a good mind and thoughts, a healthy body and soul. Hope we all change. Spread the good thoughts. 

-Words by Din

News Courtesy :, Google

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  1. I remember watching a telugu movie, in which the same dispute happens and the guy beats his wife. The hero asks him, when you eat beetle leave and other ingredients, and when you spit, its red. when the intake didnt have red how come your exit had red? ( I hope you got the gist, I am not a good narrator),The logic sounded good. But I am so very sure of the human stupidity that still humans, will look at external beauty. We are more driven by society than by our heart and mind.

    Even in love marriage, i hear people ( the society esp relatives) that the girl is not beautiful. When both loved, it was heart to heart, but the society wants external beauty. People are hard to change. The educated guys are more into these myths. Only the ones who have suffered by some loss learn their lessons fast.


    1. Absolute truth, that was Actor Visu’s movie I guess in Tamil, Appearances are just myth.

      If an so called “not good looking guy” says this, the world will tease him back, if a “so good looking guy” says the world see it as noble act! First movies need to bring heroines and heros with perceivable common faces. If I would direct a movie I will do this. The story and soul of the movie will speak. (serious : ) )

      This never change in the near future. I see no way!

      Thanks for your feedback Niranjan…


  2. Idiot fellow… And he looks like Mr Universe doesn’t he? Hahaha… When a child is born genes are acquired by it from both parents…And every child is beautiful . No matter what others say. I agree with you that we humans sometimes are fools to the core.


  3. I can’t like this story. He had a faithful, beautiful wife who had been through a lot of pain to give her husband those qualities. Which he obviously married her to get. Could he be any more superficial?


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