Tribute : Pavlo Bondarev : Young man died after saving two kids he never knew before.

Pavlo BondarevWhether 100 souls or a single soul in danger,  if a human can risk his/her life to save another from danger, that soul is equal to God! Pavlo Bondarev was no military man or a firefighter to do this act of risking life as a part of his job. He has been just a common guy next door, who sacrificed his life in order to save two little kids, whom he even did not know before. 

This 24 year old Ukrainian youth, wished her mother on her birthday and left for his job as usual. Two kids were waiting for their school bus, He spotted a speeding car lost its control. With no hesitation he rushed to move the kids out of the danger, jumped onto the pushed one kid away and shielded another kid with his own body. They both got hit by the car and taken to the hospital. 

Everyone hoped the young man was strong and could have injured or broken arms. But Pavlo, had not been lucky to save himself from various fatal injuries. The people in his Ukranian town believe there is no such human today is like Pavlo, nobody would believe there exists some human like him. But he proved what it takes to be kind.

The whole town was mourning for him while the kids still were treated at the hospital. They knew that their Savior died only after a few weeks. His mother now considers both the kids as her grandchildren who were gifted by her son. 

Ukranian Government posthumously awarded Pavlo in the “Gordist Krayiny” (Pride Of The Country) function. 

We salute him and wish everyone should realize what he left us to understand. Great people are distinguished by their deeds. Love one another and stay humans! 


Courtesy : Чернявский Антон (YouTube)



2 thoughts on “Tribute : Pavlo Bondarev : Young man died after saving two kids he never knew before.

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  2. Humanity lives on through such selfless acts.


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