Powerful Quotes Collection : Words by Din(100)

Feeling “Is it true?” Yes some how I managed to compile my thoughts as quotes, little bits of thoughts now crossed 100 in number. Just wanted to share with you all in one place 🙂

Thanks for everyone who inspired and influenced me to write all these. Thanks to all the bloggers who reblogged and liked the quotes so far. If you missed anything, all are here at one place 🙂

Please share if you have any suggestion / feedback / criticism if any, love to listen. 🙂

– Din

Note : + / - 3 quotes as searching was very complex 😛 please regret the count's accuracy 

You are unique

Uprising Women

Uprising Women



Flip Side Illusion

Need of the Hour

No Suicide

Solitude Moments

Beyond Ages Love Prevails


Imbibe Hope

Humanity Prevails

Rope Pulling on Me

When others Criticize

8 thoughts on “Powerful Quotes Collection : Words by Din(100)

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  4. I loved all the images. Very nice thoughts have been expressed. I plan to use 3 images in my next Post 🙂 (Will give a link to your page as ‘Image Courtesy’!) But, where have you taken all these pics from?


    • Thanks a lot 🙂 Mostly I use from my image collections I have, do not exactly remember the source, as I collected them as a hobby during college days. Few I just do a Google image search, relevant to my thoughts and edit using Photoshop. Bing.com’s image search too will give you better image results than Google. For Original works I always mentioned credits to source on the posts itself.


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