Where India Stands in Delivery of Justice? Ex:29 Years Trail, yet no justice!

Twenty-nine years after the deadly gas leak from the Union Carbide plant in Bhopal, India, the scars of this tragedy are not just visible but continue to hound the victims amidst long legal battles and continued government apathy.

The Supreme Court of India on October 29, 2013 ordered parity in the salary of 50 women survivors who demanded equal pay for equal work.

Of the 90 survivors 50 victims approached court but every time they got a favorable order the state challenged it in a higher court. This battle continued till October 29, 2013 when the Supreme Court awarded a one time full and final settlement of Rs 2 lakh to the victims along with a salary of Rs 15,360 from November 1. The victims after this long battle are now shattered.

Many of these women are nearing the age of 60. They will soon retire from their jobs without any savings and without any pension. Every year these victims reiterate their resolve to fight for justice but there is little hope.

This order from the Supreme Court that came after 23 long years is hardly any solace as most of the women survivors are now on the verge of reaching the retirement age.

According to World Justice Project’s Survey and Data India is one of the Poor performers when it comes to Delivery of Justice. Bhopal Victims are again victimized by the Judiciary system of India.

Here are the Statistics from the report which just conveys there is absolute relevance and the data speaks the truth. Look at the scores of People’s access to affordable Civil Justice(7.1), Civil Justice free of Corruption(7.2), Discrimination(7.3), not subject to unreasonable delays(7.5), free from improper Govt. Influence(7.4) and effective enforcements(7.6), India not even stands half way mark on these when compared to the best delivery of justice in the world. [in ( braces ) are indexes to look in the graph below]

Unreasonable delays very poor! Just it tells the story of the Bhopal Case! 

Delivery of Justice INDIA

Considered the world’s worst industrial disaster, the gas tragedy took place on the intervening night of December 2-3, 1984.

The leakage of the deadly gas methyl isocyanate from the plant of multi-national company Union Carbide India Limited killed over 3000 people and affected over 5 lakh people.

The services of these women who were initially employed with the stationary production unit of the state Industries department were handed over to the government press.

At the press these women worked like any other employee but there was a huge disparity in the salaries that they got and also their services were not regularised. The victims protested at every possible forum and even undertook a march to Delhi in 1989 but all they got was just assurances.

(Inside Quotes)– Excerpts from IBN Live

Courtesy : World Justice Report and IBN LIVE


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