Indian Navy Day : A Question to the INDIAN NAVY! : Worth 100s of lives!

Indian Navy

Its Indian Navy Day today December 3rd. Our sincere Thanks and Gratitude for the Indian Navy and their services is always there. Long time I do have a question to ask to the Indian Navy!

In South India, especially Tamil fishermen are being captured and killed by the Sri Lankan Navy over a decade, (Registered Statistics say 100+ are killed till 2013) and it has become so routine here to hear the news on TV and papers. 100s of fishermen are killed and their boats are damaged. Reasons are given as they are crossing the border!


There had been 167 incidents of shooting on Indian fishermen by the Sri Lankan navy between the years 1991 and 2011. As many as 85 fishermen had been killed and 180 injured in these incidents which took place within the Indian waters.

As per a report that 746 fishermen had been apprehended by the Lankan naval forces and that 741 of them had been repatriated. This was in response to a bunch of petitions seeking protection for Indian fishermen in the Palk bay and the Gulf of Mannar. Contempt petitions against the Indian Coast Guard (ICG) and the Indian Navy also came up for hearing before the bench because the forces had failed to provide adequate security in spite of a court order on the same.

There were more than 100 vessels deployed by the government in the Arabian sea for protecting the fishermen, only fishermen of Kerala received the benefits. Even in terms of compensation, the Tamil Nadu fishermen got meagre amounts while fishermen from Kerala got nearly a crore rupees or more!

Excerpts – Times of India

But my question is why there is no sign of any navy protection or defense on the south side? We all know our Navy is there. But why always Srilankan Navy is coming and shoots our fishermen? Why not our Navy Protects our citizens or keeping up any strict control over the access of Sea Borders so as to limit the fishermen.

The Governments of the State(TamilNadu) and Central are playing “Point your finger on Each other” Game, while innocent fishermen dies the and captured in the Srilankan Prisons. 

This issue is often gets a false propaganda as “Tamilian Fishermen being killed”. Even the rest of the India seems to have this perspective. Why there is neither a humanitarian view or an Indian view to them. Don’t they belong to India? 

Who controls the Navy? Ethically we do not mind who orders whom, when we see lives are killed before our very eyes. Will our navy come forward with initiates to save our citizens? Will they teach a lesson to the Governments who run politics out of this? Will the Navy stand for their Pride and Righteousness? Or is there any falsified information reaches the public on this issue?

We respect the Indian Navy! They earned it. Will they earn the same respect from the families of the Fishermen who lost their brothers and fathers? Will they answer these questions? Ending this with nothing but just questions unanswered!

– Words by Din

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17 thoughts on “Indian Navy Day : A Question to the INDIAN NAVY! : Worth 100s of lives!

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  1. Either the fishermen are going into Srilankan waters and their Navy is responding to this encroachment (though killing is unpardonable) or those guys are encroaching into Indian waters cheating the living out of our fishermen and we do nothing about it. Can anyone authoratatively say what is the truth? No one is forthright in this regard?


      1. Meanwhile the poor unwary fishermen get killed. You should see the Tamil channels. They open up thier news with this headline.


        1. I am from Tamilnadu only sir, it is as sad as to add a section in news on this issue daily. More politics happens around this issue than seeking solution. You know it well, I believe. Not even Tamil news channels say “Indian fishermen”, This is matter of lives as you said, they should deal with this on humanitarian view or at least Indian view!


        2. Incidentally it shows how poor we are in in actually resolving issues and good at stoking up public emotions:-(

          Can we afford such height of incompetence and irresponsibility all around?


        3. I accept that we are incompetent to bring solutions. It is like a jig saw of traps for whoever comes out with good thoughts. The bad and selfish people are more, good people are out numbered by them!

          Directly we cannot do anything! In fact, we can do nothing in a country like India to bring a change by direct efforts. If some one takes one good step, many bad people will join together to take ten steps to stop that man! This is the reality!

          But change is possible by changing the younger minds via educating them. I am doing my best at least to begin the fight! Change will come, without them knowing it is about to change! We have the only secret weapon called Education!


  2. Unfortunately, I have come across this news for the first time. I’ll surely be in word regarding this matter with my friends from Defence.


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