Husband / Wife – Love Test :) Pls Do Not Try this at Home!

couple and doggy

Who loves you more Your Spouse or Your Dog?

This is a simple test

1. Lock up Your Spouse in a room

2. Lock up Your Dog in another room

3. Go out for a movie and  Come back after three hours

4. Open the doors of both the rooms

5. Now you can find who shows affection and who barks at you! 🙂 😛



19 thoughts on “Husband / Wife – Love Test :) Pls Do Not Try this at Home!

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  2. If I do get locked up. I will totally enjoy my down time…time by myself is hard to come by 🙂 as for my husband he locks himself up for watching TV and for work…so no use there…good joke though 🙂


  3. No, No, no. The person above has a point… Putting the fun factor beside women would not tolerate it. Literally, by using twisted sheer of words, you made the women bitches (for they cant be dogs)… On the contrary, u also entitles a dog better than women.

    ये अच्छी बात नही है यारा, स्त्री जाति सम्मान की हकदार हैँ। उन्हे बिच नही बल्कि ऊपर वाले की अज़ीम नियामत समझोँ। अन्यथा, यह जाति अपमान सहते सहते एक दिन ज्वालामुखी बन कर फूट पड़ेगीँ।
    बस, अब तुम्हे भगवान श्री KRISHNA ही बजा सकते हैँ ।। 😉


    • Where we mentioned woman? when we asked to lock up a wife?

      We know that people tend to think like this, it just says spouse, can be a husband too.. Moreover, this never gonna happen in reality. just Chill, this is a joke 🙂

      See what, you presumed it as wife and women 😛


  4. If someone locks me up for three hours, there is going to be no barking, its surely going to be clash of the titans with me turning into Medusa. Very funny idea and the Warning at the bottom is the cherry on the cake.


  5. Will take your suggestion & not try it! 🙂
    Reminds me of the song from the movie Phata Poster Nikla Hero- “Tere Doggy ko Mujhpe Bhonkne Ka Nahi!” 🙂


  6. how u compare human with dog??


  7. LOL…. Old Joke but still funny 😀


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