Inspirational Speech : Jose Mujica – The President of Uruguay

jose-mujicaJose Mujica – The President of Uruguay unlikely any politician who ever we come across. He is referred as “The world’s poorest President” (in terms of money) but he is “The Richest President” in terms of being a wise human. 

When you see Jose Mujica, just you can feel as you see a grand father next-door. He is so simple and he gives away 90% of his salary to the public, for which he has a wise reason as he says “I have a way of life, which I do not change, just because I have become a President, I earn more than I need”, also he says “For me it’s not a sacrifice, it’s my duty”. 

From religious to political views this gentleman impresses with his great thoughts and sets an example not only for politicians but also for the common people in every country. His vision is simply awesome and just an inspiring soul who does not show illusions to the people who voted to bank their accounts as other politicians. He is very practical and a republican. Watch his interview below to know about him by yourself. We will come up with more about this one of the greatest people I have ever admired. Simply in love with him, just as we would love our Grandpa, everyone would love to have one indeed like this wise person!


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