Five Thoughts for You : It’s Awesome Out There

There is Our Solar System! Stunned? Read and then look how big the Universe is!

There is Our Solar System! Stunned? Read and then look how big the Universe is!

5. Journey on Straight lines:

Life travels in straight lines, there’s no point of return, we always leave the minutes, now we live in the moments and lead into the future with the memories! Life is no circle to come back again to a point we had lived once, so we call it as a timeline. What I share in these five thoughts are just a glimpse, it’s just about the worldly life, there is something far bigger and beyond! It’s Awesome out there!

4. Just Thoughts Everywhere:

We spend thoughts and earn thoughts, nothing more we do between the points of birth and death. Every pleasure and every pain we face are nothing but veiled thoughts. The tastes and senses too are thoughts powered by physical readability. Perceptions hold the key here with the thoughts

3. Built on Imaginations :

All the material possessions we crave for being rich and comfortable are just imaginations. Such ownership over anything is an earthy-subtle hallucination. We cannot own anything on this earth. We can just use anything in the NOW! We strongly decided to be in a world of dream prodigies. Every meanings defined by us to justify our actions, are just the best assertion we can do in this system. We are prisoners of this system of beliefs and prodigies.

2. The Story Tellers:

We evolved as a species so greatly and we create good stories all the time, to be in a comfort zone with our thoughts. We made gods, we changed gods, we say ‘No Gods’, we speak any story to match our existing. Look depths of our histories behind, as distant we can. We had survived fighting our own beliefs and thoughts, we survived our own causes and efforts.  But how far we can look back? Indeed nobody knew the Truth about us. Not even the greatest of the greatest human / scientists can tell us. We just tell stories of probabilities and permutations.

1. The Awesome Truth:

It’s an awesome system beyond our knowledge crafted to perfection. Whatever damage we cause, the system never collapses! It adapts! If needed it will clear us off altogether. Have you ever thought why the mosquitos are small unlike elephants? Provided their multiplication rates, what havoc it can cause if their sizes are a little bigger? Why a Whale suffers a lot to survive and can’t walk on the land? Why undetectable to naked eyes, those millimicro viruses can threaten us like demons! The dynamics and diversity of the system are awesome! We don’t know our sure pasts and sure futures! Realize the Now is the truth and that’s all we own.

– Words by Din

The Bigger Picture of where we belong! (Click to enlarge - Wait please its 4.5Mb)

The Bigger Picture of where we belong! (Click to enlarge – Wait please its 4.5Mb)

Image courtesy : Wikipedia


4 thoughts on “Five Thoughts for You : It’s Awesome Out There

  1. Points two and three caught my attention more than the others. Our lives are based on beliefs that are based on stories that have no proof. It’s actually ironic that when our very life is based on such stories and beliefs, and we implicitly follow it without question, We don’t believe and trust fellow humans who are right in front of us. Very well written…and well thought up.


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