Know : Spike Vest to Protect Your Personal Space in Crowds

Spike Away (10)
What about bringing this Spike Suit to India and Where the Push Games Occur?
Siew Ming Cheng
Siew Ming Cheng

An idea that was conceived as an undergraduate during a short 1.5 day “Chindogu” workshop at the National University of Singapore, held by German furniture designer Werner Aisslinger. “Chindogu” is the Japanese art of designing ingenious gadgets to solve one mundane, everyday problem. 

A quick brainstorming leads to an everyday situation. Trains are usually crowded during peak hours. Everybody will push each other to try and get onto the train. How can I protect my personal space? 
The idea was then conceived. “What if I wear a vest that is full of spikes?” 
Attendees are given half a day to source for materials and hack together a prototype that represent the idea. The vest is made of strips of spiky, flexible plastic material found in the gardening section of a handy store. The strips are looped together with cable ties. Fittingly, it was normally used to keep birds and cats away from plants. 

Spike Away (4)
Courtesy and Source : Cheng Siew Ming

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