One good example : An Ideal Teacher for an Ideal Student

This is an open page article that I have read in The Hindu, A student’s remembrance about his teacher, this beautiful article presents the passion of a teacher and how he will be long remembered by his students. Kudos to the  Dr. V. Gurumoorthy, who wrote this awesome memoir and a big salute to  the Teacher Dr. K.V. Thiruvengadam


My teacher is a great clinician; a fine researcher; a teacher par excellence; a perfectionist to the core; a true gentleman and, above all, an excellent human being — a rare combination indeed.

Under the shade of this great personality’s nurture, I learnt medicine in its true sense and perspective. I salute this living legend, the teacher of the teachers in silence, loaded with love, reverence and gratitude.

In this hell of a world, the ordinary and the mundane often mistake the soft and gentle nature of others as weakness and go on inflicting injuries and insults with impunity. Even in adverse circumstances, he stood and walked tall, maintaining his integrity and equanimity, unruffled. He ever remained simple but firm, unassuming but assertive and humble but rigidly straightforward.

For well over five decades, medicos at all levels had walked fast behind him to catch up with higher knowledge and clinical wisdom, even more than that, for noble values of life.

His very proximity turns even the dull ones into active learners. Just by simply simulating this exemplary teacher over time, many get transformed into ideal medical men.

Written by Dr. V. Gurumoorthy– Excerpts from The Hindu (click here to read the complete Article)


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