A girl who fights for the Society, but concerned about her path!

Nandhini AnandhanNandhini Anandhan, a young girl who cares for the society on various facets and fighting for good causes especially she is an activist who fights against TASMAC the liquor shop monopoly run by the Tamilnadu Government across the state. One among many profiles on Facebook you can find with Che Guevara’s photo as a profile picture.

In the line of Anna Hazare, Nandhini a law pursuing student has led a few hunger strikes demanding the shutdown of TASMAC. She is concerned about the lives of people who get addicted to alcohol and families who lost their beloved ones because of this addiction to drink.

She has written a letter claimed to be sent to the Current CM of Tamilnadu J. Jayalalitha, the then CM M. Karunanidhi and also addressed it to the public cum social media. This letter is going viral on FB now. In that letter she has made valid points about how TASMAC is affecting the society and self-centered profit seeking politicians making money out of it. She demands an answer from the concerned and the justice for in this issue.

As per her Latest update, she is about to organize a hunger strike protest on 24th Dec 2013, in front of the CM’s house demanding the shutdown of TASMAC. Will our CM listen to this? If she does and put an end to TASMAC, she will be remembered as a good leader for a long time. A complete ban on alcohol was already a thought expressed by the Chief minister, but it faded away. What is going to the reaction of the CM? We need to watch! But one thing is sure, this way will not be entertained by her for sure and allow someone to protest in front of her house! Unlikely to happen in reality.

For a 20 year old youth this kind of good intentions towards the society is so good and a big Kudos to her for being so brave but perspective narrowed. However I could sense the decision and guidance went on the wrong side. While we have large crowd of youths who are habituated to drink, what is the use to fight the source of the supply. We are creating the demand instead.

The missing point is it is so easy for a person like Nandhini to make people get awareness and abstain from drinking addiction. A youngster like her if can join together in this cause we can make huge changes among people and their attitude towards drinking. People who back her on Facebook with comments like ” you are great” “we support you” “proud of you” need to think it’s her life she is risking for a good cause. It is our responsibility to let her know if she is taking a dangerous path. We need people like her for guiding the younger generation.

The hard truth is we cannot get justice by fighting the politicians by hunger strikes or street rallies. We need long term solutions, not a media hype or an attention seeking act will help! They are just short lived efforts. We are no more in the pre-independence era of good politicians, at least a few morality driven politicians to value us. So better we change our strategies unless we have the political power resistance and a huge economic background to help us from behind. Simply power and money rules here, we cannot stand against it in the current scenario like in cinemas. Feeling sad to see the efforts of the inspirational youth like Nandhini goes down with minimal impact, almost vain.

A Poster by Nandhini, demanding justice for kids who lost their fathers for Alcohol.
A Poster by Nandhini, demanding justice for kids who lost their fathers for Alcohol.

If one Nandhini can spread such inspiration, there are many youth like her out there, with spark struggling to find the right path. What if we can unite them and make our efforts so meaningful and strong! We can do it 100 times more effective. Education is Everything, beyond schools and colleges there are various roles education can play. If we can realize this, we can bring a change!

– Words by Din


Image Courtesy : Facebook

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  1. I am here to support you in your struggle against TASMAC. Appreciate your courage and efforts… keeping doing what best you know to wake up the Government from their deep sleep.


  2. It doesn’t take many to bring down the mighty. The story of David and Goliath is what I see when I read this post. If we can join her or help her then surely she will make the change that she wants. Personally I feel alcohol and cigarettes should be banned but is there a govt which has the courage to do that.


    1. 🙂 hmmm.. I am with you and the intention. The only point is the nature of the evil we fight for. The Evil here what i mean in the drinking habit! which has its source ‘internal’ of an individual who commits it. One cant say “I drink because they sell” even they sell poison out there, why dont they drink it? because its the individual who chooses to drink alcohol. They are victims of course.

      So the long term solution also lies internal! Even if the Govt. stops after the protest, do you think those people who drink will not find a way to procure alcohol! The black market will emerge. So the solution is with us – the people. If there are no lust for drinking in society why they gonna sell? 🙂 Automatically they get out as we wish.


  3. Thanks for sharing this. This will not make the news till she sits in front of the cm’s house. Such will and guts in.a 20 year old… least citizens can do is support if not initiate. Hats off to her.


    1. I too respect and value her, but this is not the right way! Are we going to sit in front of CM’s house with her? She was led by some wrong guidance.

      TASMAC is giving the around 25000 crores to the govt. per year. You know well who are the beneficiaries behind!

      Hitting the Supply is not a solution, we need to educate the youth and families to stop drinking. Which is feasible solution? To change the victims or the offenders!

      I support her intention, but not this path.


      1. Agree with you. Abolishing tasmac is something that’s not going to Happen. But look at it this way. In a state like tamilnadu the only way to get noticed is exactly where she plans to be. May be the idea is to get attention so something can be done if not everything. Let’s see. You are right. We have to control the demand not the supply.


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