Five Thoughts For You : Sexual Orientation

Note : This not an Adult content! No obscene words! So no parental guidance needed! Safe to Read! 🙂 Not a Morality Preaching as such! Just 5 provoking thoughts.

sexual orientationThe First Err
Humans must be the only species which is so much obsessed about this Physical Relation! Which is just a part of the lifestyle for continuity of life! But this has gone beyond that purpose several centuries before. It is no more a mere biological process. We need to accept this first hand, behave matured and keep ourselves open to the thoughts around this issue. 

The Perspective universe
The universe is humongous in its diversity, so as our individual perspectives. Every one will see life in their own eyes. At times one person may meet people who have the same opinion on things. The opinions started diversifying when humans looked sex beyond reproduction, and this happened so long back we could not even predict! Since that time humans always debated and fought over this issue of what is correct and what is wrong. But correct and wrong both are mere perspectives and which the majority agreed had been deemed correct. This is the short history of evolution of morals not only on this issue, but also on every other issue humanity faces.

How Morality differentiates itself from perspectives
Perspectives are always self-centered and ends with one individual’s own self. It has not power beyond the person who perceives things. On the other hand Morality emerged when these perspectives clash with one another. Say a person argues Decision A is correct (which is his/her perspective) and at the meantime another person argues Decision B is correct (which is his/her perspective). In the end, say Decision B is accepted as moral one. There could be 2 possible reasons i) majority would have the same perception ii) Decision A would comparatively cause hurt / damage to the situation around. So it becomes moral to follow Decision B. If some activity of one individual causing harm to others and the society and if it’s selfish, then it is immoral.

Are we becoming wise?
The long chain of history has one unique pattern, we keep learning and evolving as more wise humans. We are wiser than the people who lived hunting one another as cannibals! From mere survival instincts we have added so many values to our lives. How we are doing this? By committing mistakes, blunders and hell of errors; we suffer and we learned what is good for us. This process has happened since our existence. We are travelling towards to become more wise as a whole, irrespective of whatever horrors we exhibit today at world level. The same logic applies to Sexual orientation also. We had experimented, experimenting so many things around sex and evolving. We created marriages, relationships, family structure, commitment, etc. In that process of becoming wise. Meanwhile there has always been sidelined experiments that keep on happening outside this majorly accepted system of sexual morality.

Straight / Gay / Lesbian / blah blah blah…
Well why people are so curious in poking nose into others perspectives and who are they to dictate terms to others how they should lead their personal life! This is a matter of concern and consent between the people who were involved in that. No one is bothered about infidelity which in my opinion I would say highly immoral! Will the court ban it? Or people gonna stand by my side? Simply I would be ousted as a generation old fellow who believes in Marriage, Made for each other, one for one sentiments. It may be nonsense and a rigidity for many people who are living the ‘Glorify the Sunny Leones’ Era :P. Time changes, peoples’ opinion changes, But I care about what I am in my personals, I neither allow anyone nor interested to know what kind of orientation others have. Because it’s none of my business to intrude their freedom to choose. Hope Nations and Courts also should let the individuals free to be what they are. There are many critical issues to be concerned about the judiciary system than to analyze what happens between two individuals inside closed walls. They do not need the whole world’s approval for being what they want to be in their personals. Why there is so much hype out there in India about this issue?

– Words by Din


3 thoughts on “Five Thoughts For You : Sexual Orientation

  1. The verdict is not a shocker to me as in India every little thing is blown out of proportion and what is vital is not even mentioned by the media. Acceptance is vital in the closest circle and that is the first step.


    • Even within families they cannot gain acceptance at present. Indian mindset need to grow a lot. Even we are not out of Caste discrimination! Long way to go.. and moreover this issue is not so critical when compared to several alarming issues around! Even not a shocker to me…


  2. I’m still shocked about the SC verdict on 377 !


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