Top 10 Things You Can Do Only In India

india cartoon

1. Do a Scam worth thousands of Crores and walk out in Bail! Run the case for the rest of your life, as a free bird on bail. But never commit a petty theft or drive a triple ride on the bike, the law will do its duty without fail on spot instant justice will be given!

2. Indulge in Cinema and Cricket like addicts because that is where India’s future is shaped! Entertainment is more than life!

3. Hunger Strikes, Street Protests and Riots are great solutions for any social problems here. Even in parliament, follow the same shout and make it fail to function. That is how we find solutions for the betterment of the country!

4. Get a huge loan worth 100s of crores for business and show empty pockets to the banks! Govt will support you. Never get education loan, you will be facing a hell of consequences.

5. Every child is an investment, crush them to score marks to get placed in MNCs and earn more money! Just preach them you are studying for making money!

6. Cities are the destiny to live, vacate the villages or expand the cities! Urbanization means the true development! Village means undeveloped!Ā 

7. Agriculture is an uneducated’s business, so do real estate business. Never care where the foods come from till your stomach is filled, by the way who are the so called Farmers? Super markets are giving foods!

8. Everyone is selfish! So you have no reason to care for the country. Every election just vote alternative and defeat the ruling party by a big margin! Because they did perform so poorly. Next time they will be our savior!

9. News channels are so entertaining than being informative, Tune in for sensational stories of the week. Rapes, Murders, The Epic Trails on the courts since prehistoric times, and more .

10. Blame games are so famous, castes blame castes, women blame men (vice versa), politicians blame politicians, etc. Even you can blame me for writing this! šŸ˜›

– Words by Din

Note : Not to criticize any individual or India, just a provoking funny thoughts to think and act on it

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