Powerful Quote #108 : Culture

Every culture has its own reasons behind their existence, an output of many generations’ learning. Neither follow nor deny them without understanding the actual reasons. A blind following and an outright denial both do the same to kill a culture, instead of bettering it.

– Words by Din



2 thoughts on “Powerful Quote #108 : Culture

  1. We all feel that we are responsible to preserve our own culture but we are all killing it and not working for its betterment in any way. Agreed with you 100%, a small example that I would like to quote is that in the olden days people used to make rangolis with rice flour. This was done so that you wake up early, the lady would get to be in sunlight, breathe in fresh air, it was a good exercise, inculcated talent and most important of all the rice flour was food for the ants. In today’s generation, its a punishment for most of us who scribble something with a piece of chalk and the only reason its probably done is to make sure that your neighbors is not prettier than yours.


    • Well said it’s a Point blank! You can blog it as well. How many traditions if we looked meaning we would not have left those practices. Sadly our ancestors scared us in the name of God rather explaining the science behind it. Your comment is one best example of what we are missing now! Do not know how many we gonna lose in the future!

      Thank you for a meaningful comment.


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