Alert! : 5 Policemen ‘gangrape’ 16yr old girl @gunpoint

The Country is tired of these bastards who rape innocent girls and women! When this is going to stop? Whatever the rules and law comes into action, these rascals seems not to stop.

Now these 5 Police Rascals doing this to a 16 yr old kid! Causing shame to the Police who need to ensure safety of the people. What India is going to do to stop these kind of chain events from happening?

It is totally barbaric act against women and what the hell they are going to do with these police men?

Well we wish somebody kill them on the streets!

Arrested accused

Arrested accused

The victim, who resides in a joint family at Khuda Lahora, is the eldest of five sisters. Her father is an alcoholic. About three months ago, the victim’s father indulged in domestic violence after which, a call was made to the police. The accused, Akshay, along with a police party reached the victim’s residence.

Akshay had noted down the mobile phone number of the victim. Thereafter, Akshay along with four other accused, in a PCR van, started stalking the victim wherever she went — school, home and other public places. The accused, who often used to wait for the victim in front of her school situated in the same locality, passed objectionable remarks against her. This behaviour of theirs continued even after she temporarily started working as a salesgirl at a city-based shop.

They also started making sexual advances to the victim. A month later, Akshay rented a room at Khuda Ali Sher and forcibly took the girl to the room, where all the five accused allegedly gangraped her at gunpoint.

The girl was gangraped multiple times in Akshay’s room. On Wednesday night, the girl finally told one of her sisters about the alleged crime committed by the cops. The girl’s sister then told her cousin Vinod about the incident. Fearing the Chandigarh Police, Vinod first approached area councillor Saurabh Joshi on Thursday afternoon.

Joshi then informed the police about the incident, after which an FIR was registered, against one of the accused. When the family members and relatives of the victim raised a hue and cry, the police finally booked all the five accused for rape.

Source : The Indian Express

Initially, the police arrested Akshay and Sunil in the evening. Later, Himmat and Jagtar were also arrested. However, one of the accused is still unidentified. The girl was taken for a medical examination.


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