Powerful Quote #112 : Selfish Humans

I don’t know how many millions were spent for celebrations across the world on crackers and boozing in just two days on every new year’s eve and the Jan 1s’. But I am sure that money is good enough to change the lives of millions who suffer poverty and hunger across the world! This is the universal reality of the human selfishness!

– Words by Din

New year

6 thoughts on “Powerful Quote #112 : Selfish Humans

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  1. The Crackers and boozing-fluid come from a source called factories where ppl work and get themselves away from poverty.. !
    Everybody here, tries and somehow manages to refill his/her stomach, and its quite natural.


    1. 🙂 I am concerned about the millions, people who work in factories are much less in number. Also jobs should be for one or the others benefit mutually, not just for wasting in a minute’s cracker or booze…

      A farmer too works but its a constructive occupation, I am too trying to explain the same survival instinct, but with a compassionate purview of sharing what we have. May be hard for everyone to grab it.

      Its beyond the know models of living, so far we went up to communism as a definition. Its Humanism, Thanks for your opinion.


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