Story :) How to Become Rich? Or How to become a Fool?


Once a man went to fish and he spotted another man holding a mirror in his hand. He was waving the mirror here and there to reflect the sunlight on the water. The other man got curious about what he was doing, walked to him and asked “what are you doing?”. He said “I would prefer to tell my secret only if you can pay me a 1000 bucks”. The other man thought for a while and paid him the money. 

The man with mirror explained “I am catching fish by a new method using this round mirror, what I do is I will reflect the sunlight in the direction where the fishes goes and they stop for a moment in confusion. I used that opportunity and catch them”. He showed a bucket full of fish which he told captured using this method!

The other man exclaimed “Wow! Do you have another round mirror? I can pay you for it”. “Yes, luckily I found the one I missed here yesterday, you can have it for 50 bucks!” he replied. He happily bought it and went a little distance from him and started reflecting the sunlight. 

The hours passed but he was unable to catch any fish and he asked the other guy “Why I am unable to catch fish? And how come you caught so many?”. “You need to try hard and focus some more time, maybe come back tomorrow and give a try” he replied and said to himself “I managed to catch 6 fishes including you today! :)” and walked away from that place,  counting the money!

And the fool was still trying his luck with the mirror!

Moral: This is the same scenario when many people want to become rich and read books on How to become rich in short time? How to become a billionaire?. In reality, those authors only can make some money using others and we can be rich if we do our business effective which we are good at, rather trying to find shortcuts.


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