Blow the Whistle #3: How TV Commercials take advantage of Us?

What a lovely Ad by Coca Cola? Isn’t it? Here are a few other versions of the same ad in various countries.

For every tank that is made in the world…
131,000 stuffed animals are made.
For each stock exchange that plummets…
There are 10 versions of “What a Wonderful World.”
For every person who’s corrupt…
There are 8,000 donating blood.
For every wall that exist…
200,000 “Welcome” mats are placed.
While one scientist is designing a new weapon…
There are one million mothers making chocolate cakes.
The is more Monopoly money printed than dollars in the world.
There are more funny videos in the internet…
Than bad news in the whole world.
LOVE has more results than FEAR.
For every person who says everything is going to be worse…
There are 100 couples looking for a child.
For every weapon that is sold in the world…
20,000 people share a Coca-Cola.
There are reasons to believe in a better world.


There are millions of reasons to believe in a better world.
For every tank being built…
there are 1000s of cakes being baked.
For every Monday morning…
there’s Saturday night out.
For every person running from the law…
there are 100s running for a cure.
Each time a red card is given…
there are 12 celebratory hugs.
For every display of hatred…
there are 5000 celebrations of love.
For every embarrassing moment…
there are 500 more we can enjoy.
For everyone who doesn’t get along…
there are many more sharing a COKE.

Not only this Ad there are many advertisements out there which catches our attention and attempts to glue our emotions to the products.

How tactically our minds are manipulated? But there is no link between Coca Cola and the various messages conveyed in the Ad. In the end Coke is marketed for commercial purpose for their profits! At least the leaves us in a feel good mood, however kudos to the creative team for the message.

Have a look at the advertisement below. This conveys a message of compassion and caring, which is relative to what the organization works on and its highly appreciated relative advertisement well conveyed. This is how a relevant Ad should have to be.

What about the pathetic Perfume Ads?

Now you can understand why these ads are pathetic and insane. Demeaning women as sexual objects and associating the use of perfume with sexually arousing thoughts. They are conveying other man’s wife will come to you if you use perfumes (Wild Stone ad)! How a man can misbehave with a woman and she too cooperates for his perfume (Zatak ad)? Which gives a wrong notion to the culture and the people see it and use a perfume. You may find this though over protective, but these kind of ads spoils minds. They call it “Just Zadak her!” Where are women rights activists in India gone now?

This is how it impacts,

  • Older generation finds it totally ridiculous,
  • A middle aged generation may prefer to avoid watching this,
  • Younger generations may feel why not buy the perfume and give a try on any woman?,
  • The children who watch will believe a man and woman get closer if they use perfume.
  • Next generation it becomes so common the perfume is for attracting women and for woman perfume matters to get attracted!

Ridiculous isn’t it? But that is how corporations are playing with our emotions and spoiling. Perfumes are for fragrance to hide / prevent the odour of sweat on social gatherings.

What else more?

This is an alcohol ad (Whiskey Brand), Gambhir is a renowned cricketer in India, He is successful because of his hard work and dedication to cricket. Which way a Whiskey contributes to it? Isn’t it giving a wrong notion to the youngsters who’s inspired by him? Provokes them to drink?

These ads just use the loop holes in the legal system in India that no ads can be telecasted for liquor brands.

Sachin Tendulkar never endorsed any liquor brand in his career! Isn’t that the social responsibility? Why rest other celebrities are not having that social responsibility?

Conclusion: It is we whom they target! So we can have the control over it by making our choices over those misguiding brands who uses their Ads to manipulate our minds using our emotions.

– Words by Din

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