Food We Eat : World’s Top 10 Favourite Spicy Foods

Chicken Jerk, Suicide Chicken Wings, Papa a la Huancaina… Well these are no spooky words by the Spicy foods that have followers as much the sweet foods have. What does the world love the most when it comes to hot red spicy stuffs? According to here are a few interesting facts about them and a lovely infographic by What’s your favourite one? May be the list may miss it, you can comment it and let others know 🙂


Courtesy and Source : Google, and Flavored Delights


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3 thoughts on “Food We Eat : World’s Top 10 Favourite Spicy Foods

  1. Trinidad scorpion moruga yenaga kedikum Dinesh ???


    • Adhu indiala enga kidaikum theriyala Karthi… You can try its indian equivalent india’s bhut jolokia sauce (ghost Sauce) Spencer illa edhachum mall-la kettu par.. 🙂 Why this kolaveri?


    • The india’s bhut jolokia is the previous spiciest winner… 🙂


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