Documentary : The Superior Human?

The idea that humans are superior to all other life forms is not rare. It is one of the most fundamental reasons for
Humanity’s careless destruction of our environment, animal cruelty, war, and other immense problems. The Superior Human? is the first documentary to systematically challenge this pompous, self-destructive ideology. The production team and speakers include world-leading academics in their respective fields.

They say that necessity sparks invention and that progress is triggered by need, so why would a species that believes it is the son of God, the goal of evolution and in domination of everything on the planet ever need to change? Writer and director Samuel McAnallen invites viewers to test the durability of the pillars which hold our status above all other life forms. Prepare to not only have your ego tested, but to be shocked by what has passed as science by governments and leading academic institutions up until now. For example, did you know that dogs cannot feel pain?

The film starts by cynically poking at a list of 18 commonly referenced reasons for our supposed superiority. For
Those who think our superiority is due to a perfect balance of many reasons, this view is examined as well. Finally, it asks if all these reasons are unfairly subjective and shows viewers just how successful the human species is in terms of survival. Producer, Dr Jenia Meng, hopes that the film will stimulate intelligent debate on the topic of human exceptionalism.


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