Chief Minister Sleeps on Street! : What We Miss to Learn!!!


Delhi’s Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal slept on the road, a bitterly cold January night, right next to where his blue Wagon R car was parked near India Gate. After a night out on the streets, Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal resumed his protest against the city’s police in the heart of Delhi today, his supporters staying put despite sudden winter rain and bad weather.

Mr Kejriwal woke up at 5.20 in the morning, every move captured on camera. With “good morning” out of the way, he fired his first salvo, attacking Home Minister Sushil Kumar Shinde. “How can Home Minister (Sushil Kumar) Shinde sleep when so many crimes are happening in Delhi? Is he a dictator? We won’t negotiate, this is not a grocery store,” he said. – Courtesy : NDTV

What is happening in India? A Chief Minister has to come down to the streets to dharna (protest) for bringing an official procedure / change of control over administering the Police department of the state! How people of India are seeing it? Moments after the media captured this act by AAP leader and the Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal, the result is much expected. People started praising it on the social media and giving supporting voice. Well, I must be synonymous with everyone when I talk about their intention to bring an effective system in place to protect women and ensure they are safe in the Capital City. I am 100% with their intended purpose.

But on the other hand, if we see it as a democratic procedure or a process oriented functioning of a government, What a CM doing is totally not good for the country! For each and every thing we cannot enter into the streets to protest and demand justice in this way! If it is a civilized country under democracy, then this is not at all needed.

Instead of all this attention grabbing things, why not the concerned people come out with the proposed solution, with explanation that details Why the Current procedure toothless against prevention of crimes and how a control shift can make it efficient? Make a public statement, file a case with top priority on the Supreme Court, or a special request to the President of India and make the public & media to cover the complete proceedings, as they do like now covering this story and hyping in the news media. Let us people watch the court hearing, what and how you politicians and lawmakers are making decisions behind the walls. We get to know all your efficiency! We will be glad and proud if you make India such a powerful democracy and make people a part of the governance in reality. 

Even for a successful long-term running of a small organisation, we need visibility and proper procedures. But for administering the country you politicians are doing so many publicity stunts and again and again guiding the nation on the wrong path. If everyone gets on the roads and start protesting for every demand, India would turn like a riot ground and a battlefield. Is that what you politicians want to cash in? Sorry, we are not ready to believe in any of the usual political gimmicks. We have been seeing enough in the last 60+ years. We need change! 

So for the people who supports such kind of propaganda, please grow up and make a decision in the upcoming elections. 49 O is the tool to reject them. We have limited powers as citizens of this country. Our Vote is the Primary weapon against the corrupt, bad politics and stupid administration. So use that effectively. The world will be watching the elections. Because many countries want to invest and take profits from our populous market, they can’t do it without the politicians, they will wait to know whom we choose so that they can deal with them. 

 SO. MAKE YOUR CHOICE WISELY. As far as Mr.Arvind Kejriwal is concerned, we need to wait and watch, allow time to conclude a result about that gentleman. Will he stand out different or join the club of the political predecessors of this biggest democracy! 

– Words by Din

Note: I am not politically supporting anyone or any party but democracy.


5 thoughts on “Chief Minister Sleeps on Street! : What We Miss to Learn!!!

  1. I full support of you. Lovely article. That’s how I feel too.


  2. I think this is an irresponsible act by Arvind Kejriwal and Delhi Public has to blame itself for choosing AAP. Media is also equally a culprit when it promoted Kejriwal in the past.


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