Five Thoughts for You : Youth hate Politics or Politics hate Youth?

Why “No Politics” among youth?
Most of the youth does not involve in politics not because it’s a dirty game, but because of the lack of knowledge in politics, majorly because politicians ensured to keep them ignorant of politics and governance, right from school.

The Questions:
No schools teach how does corruption happen? How do bribe works throughout the system? How government functions? How to analyze a Political Party and It’s members eligibility to rule the nation? What should be the qualities to be seen in a particular dept. Minister? Who has more power a Collector or an MLA?…. 1000s of questions are there.

Why we do not teach higher level Politics at School?
We teach technology, science, maths, languages, history, etc… at their younger age so that we are excelling in those fields. But what about Politics? It is just an elective subject for those who are willing to learn! Because by the time the students reach a stage where they can choose a subject as his/her choice, the incidents happen around will ensure, the student dare not to take politics or create disinterest.

To those who disagree…
Some may disagree with me, but I have a simple question. “How many % of students choose to learn politics?” Please compare ‘the institutionalized learning opportunities across the country to learn politics’ with ‘other opportunities to learn other courses’. You will understand my point eventually.

Politician’s Johari Window

Created by Propel Steps

Created by Propel Steps

– Words by Din


2 thoughts on “Five Thoughts for You : Youth hate Politics or Politics hate Youth?

  1. Very good post. Some insights in2 d qns asked can be got by studying Public Admn. Yet day-to-day life in our country remains the biggest teacher of politics. watsay?!


    • I echo your points. However, Public Administration is no compulsory subject like history or geography! That’s my concern and a question why not?

      If we can explain the day to day happenings on politics to the kids obviously it will be a big teacher as you say.

      Thanks for the feedback Amrita 🙂


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