Eco-Preservation : Geo-Literacy

As defined by National Geographic, geo-literacy is “the ability to use geographic understanding and geographic reasoning to make decisions”
The term, “geo-literacy”, arose from the National Geographic, “Fight against Geographic Illiteracy”. The organization released various media to help explain the concept to the general public. In an editorial, Daniel C. Edelson, vice president for education at National Geographic, said, “The National Geographic Society’s concern for geo-literacy comes from our mission. We see geo-literacy as providing the tools that will enable communities to protect natural and cultural resources, reduce violent conflict, and improve the quality of life worldwide. However, having a geo-literate populace is also critical for maintaining economic competitiveness, quality of life, and national security in our modern, interconnected world.”, and have released various media to help explain it to the general public. In addition, the National Geographic Society set up the Fund for Geo-literacy, in which donations help fund the printing of materials for education, professional development for the educators, and programs to help build awareness of the importance of geo-literacy.

– Wikipedia

Courtesy : NGC

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