Mystery of Godliness


Godliness is Love but not Possessiveness !
Learn to love everything without attachment.

Godliness is Friendliness not Enmity !
Learn to befriend enemies, or let them be.

Godliness is Peace but not Peace-via-Killings !
Learn to spread peace via peace.

Godliness is Forgiveness but not Excuses !
Learn that forgiveness is not an excuse to seek, it’s always given.

Godliness is Mercy not Punishment !
Learn to be empathetic, mercy will bloom in place of revenge.

Godliness is Mutual Respect not Slavery !
Learn that no one is superior or inferior to anyone.

Godliness is Sacrifice, but not Foolishness!
Learn to do good deeds for others, that makes you no fool.

Godliness is Generous not Selfishness !
Learn that selfishness is the root of all evils.

Godliness is Righteous but not Judgmental!
Learn that when you judge someone, you are the next in queue.

Godliness is Freedom but not Boundless !
Learn to accept the fact that there is a limit to everything.

Godliness is Living by the rules, but not Imposed !
Learn that one can choose own rules for self, but not for others.

Godliness is Spiritual but not Religious !
Learn to differentiate God from the man made Religious paths.

Godliness is Universal not just Mankind !
Learn that there exist many things beyond human perspectives.

Godliness is Simple but Available-Complicated !
Learn to filter the fake human adulterations misusing the Gods’ names.

Godliness is Destiny but remains Pathless !
Learn that only you need to build a new path between You and God.

– Words by Din


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