Blow the Whistle #4 : How Tricky the Statistics are used to fool us?

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This is just a sample of how consumers’ queries are addressed by many companies who use statistics and reports in their favor. But sometimes they make fools of themselves, all it needs is a little common sense to understand what is behind their *Conditions Applied Note. Here is one sample below.

Hold on… We have a note 🙂

Note: This is just a thought provoking Doubt many consumers have, not against any brands in particular. Readers’s Discretion recommended.

Do caffeinated drinks like Coca-cola and Diet Coke count towards recommended water intake? 

The Coca-Cola company says… 

The Food Standards Agency recommends that if you live in the UK you should drink six to eight glasses of fluid per day. Staying hydrated is vital for every aspect of everyday life.

Sparkling drinks, both regular and low-calorie, contain between 85 and 99 per cent water, which means they can help quench thirst and count towards your recommended daily fluid intake.

We offer a range of drinks with and without calories that contribute to your daily liquid requirement, including Coca‑Cola, Diet Coke and Dr Pepper Zero.

(Here comes the blah blah blah…) When you choose a drink containing calories, don’t forget that all calories count towards your guideline daily amount – no matter what food or drink they come from.

Imagine this as a Doubt : As they focus on mere water percentage and ignores the other constituents!, there comes a intriguing question!

Wikipedia says…

Urine is a sterile and an aqueous solution of greater than 95% water, with the remaining constituents, in order of decreasing concentration urea 9.3 g/L, chloride 1.87 g/L, sodium 1.17 g/L, potassium 0.750 g/L,creatinine 0.670 g/L and other dissolved ions, inorganic and organic compounds

(blah… blah…) don’t forget that Healthy urine is not toxic. However, it contains compounds eliminated by the body as undesirable, and can be irritating to skin and eyes. After suitable processing it is possible to extract potable water from urine.

Comments welcomed 😉 

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2 thoughts on “Blow the Whistle #4 : How Tricky the Statistics are used to fool us?

  1. I missed the point – Is there anything wrong with what CC says? There may be other valid reasons to bait them.


    • 🙂 Nothing like baiting them.. It was just a funny intriguing thought.

      We are coming up even with more questions to liquor sellers, Cigar companies who sell their product with a note : “Injurious to health”.

      CC is not saying anything wrong, they are just tailoring the data so as creative a positive branding. 🙂 Isn’t so sir?


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