Kudos : The Blue Cross of India : Rescues a King Cobra



On the morning of January 26, The Blue Cross of India received a call at 06:00 AM from Mr. Vishwsharmi, with the news that a cobra was entangled in a fishing net (at Anjugam Nagar, near Tambaram, Chennai, India)

Reports indicate that a fisherman had laid his net in a running canal and the cobra got entangled in it. The Fisherman apparently picked up a rod in order to beat the cobra to death when Mr. Vishwsharmi, who happens to be a resident of the area, and his friends objected to the fisherman killing the snake. The fisherman as well as the passers-by rejected the possibility of saving the snake, stating that the net would need to be cut in the process. The fisherman was constantly shouting to have the snake killed and saving his fishing net. Mr. Vishwarmi and his friends got a policeman along who tried to get in touch with the Forest Department, and when no one attended to his calls, he called the Blue Cross of India.

Dawn Williams, along with Mr. Daniel Francis, a volunteer of Spaaak, reached the area within an hour or so to find the Police and public standing around the entangled net, watching the poor cobra flailing around in the water as he was drowning. Without a thought for his safety, Daniel immediately removed the net, with the snake still entangled in it, out of the canal.

It was at this point that our fearless GM went into action. By slowly and economically cutting the net, he managed to slowly free the snake and eventually, released the cobra. The cobra had sustained some minor injuries and bruising and was handed over to the Zoo Veterinary hospital.

Timely intervention by the Blue Cross of India saved his life. We would like to thank Mr. Vishwarmi and his friends for their intervention on behalf of the beautiful snake seen in the pictures above. Please note that the Blue Cross of India performs rescues such as this multiple times every day.

Snakes are not bad and their poison is their nature, but not meant to kill humans. Please do not kill snakes as they are a critical part of our ecosystem and they deserve to live as we do. It’s better we do not intrude into their territories!

Courtesy :The Blue Cross of India

Like their Facebook page, we feel they deserve our support.. https://www.facebook.com/bluecrossofindia

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