We Believe. We Dream. We Work. – SEI kick-starts…



We Believe. We Dream. We Work.



Our Journey Begins with SEI.

Sei small© SEI – Means “DO” in Tamil. This is the first step to begin our never ending marathon to inspire students to DO incredible things as individuals. The whole society is nothing but a collection of individuals. Life happens as the result of their individual actions and reactions. All it matters is what we DO as an individual. Drops make an ocean, all it counts on how pure we keep the drops from adulteration, to make a clean ocean.

Young minds are the best minds to learn the righteous and DO the righteous. An Individual becomes Incredible one when pursues the ambition with social accountability.

SEI is a Workshop by Propel Steps for students (schools, colleges, orphanages and underprivileged). We help them understand the missing links on what they study, how their life is connected with the future and with the society. Overall the wisdom to make a rightful decision in their lives. We do our best to unite them with fellow people with similar interests around the globe, with the right sources of inspiration. 

All they need is a spark to get ignited. Ensure the flame is on, till they get on their own. They need our support. 

Volunteers from India are welcome to be a part of this mission and train the students. Let us bring peace and harmony, a sustained life on earth via education. We choose to believe. If you do, join hands with us.

More updates from our workshops, students, their ambitions are coming soon…

– Din

Note: For more details please contact me dinesh@propelsteps.com


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      Again thank you 🙂


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