Five Thoughts for You : Let Go Religions, Embrace Love


An Unbiased Truth: Every religion tells us fables, they have own flaws, unanswerable questions, unquestionable answers and some degree of extremism towards own beliefs. A radical common thread in all of them is betterment of human life aligned with the nature, rest all are added contingencies as the history then demanded. 


What you follow Religion or Virtues?: We humans have evolved enough to start realizing that we may not need religious identities anymore, as it is clear that every religion want to establish themselves supreme to others, which divides humans. Whatever religion you are, it is important to follow the right virtues advised by the God, rather proclaiming the religious identity. Are we following those virtues of kindness and love?


Differentiating God and Religion: We can separate the God from the religions, from the own words of the religions itself. In none of the religions the Gods remained so religious, but a righteous example of how to live a life. Based on this adjustability, humans started to follow a religion, which suits their way of life they wished to live.


We lack the intelligence: We cannot deny the existence of God, as our intelligence is not enough to judge that. Even just to understand the working of the earth and its nature, we lack intelligence, so judging God is far beyond.

We must Let Go Religions, Embrace Love; stop religious extremism and learn to live in peace and harmony first. Then only we can at least survive in the earth, else we will doom ourselves.


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    1. Hi Marlyn,

      I am replying late, sorry as I was on a vacation, I could not do it on time.

      I am thankful for the inclusion of our blog on your nominee list. Sure we can continue spreading good deeds as you say.

      More than awards we value your words. 🙂



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