Arvind Kejriwal’s Shocking Speech : Exposes Congress, Ambani & BJP?

arvindArvind Kejriwal, on role as Chief minister of Delhi for 49 days, resigned today. This news along with his address to his party members spread a shockwave in Indian Media and Politics. He claims BJP and Congress are together behind the screens and Ambani is behind them.. ! We people do not know who is playing with whom. But One thing is sure that they all are playing with India and we the people. Even Arvind Kejriwal could play behind the screen? Who knows? All these politicians have no clue of what they are doing to the country, except for dealing with their own problems and ensure they are in power to do any non sense they want!

Here is Arvind Kejriwal’s speech

  • We had sworn to not accept BJP, Congress’ support
  • We asked the people and they asked us to accept support aand work for them
  • Out biggest promise was to pass Janlokpal bill and to pass laws against corruption
  • Congress gave it to us in writing and said they would support it
  • They didn’t even let us introduce the Bill
  • They joined hands with BJP
  • BJP and Congress meet every day behind a curtain. Their true face was face revealed today
  • Ambani said ‘Congress meri dukaan hae, can buy whenever I want’
  • Ambani has been running the UPA for the last 10 years 
  • The moment we laid hands on Ambani, BJP and Congress joined hands
  • For the last on year, Ambani is behind Modi too. Where is Modi getting so much money from
  • I am against those who rule the government out of fear for Mukesh Ambani 
  • After FIR, Mukesh Ambani said AAP government is a thorn in my side 
  • They fear that more than half of them will go to jail if bill gets passed
  • So far, we have only attacked Ambani and Moily. So they decided to join hands against us
  • I haven’t come here for power. Today we resigned
  • I am willing to let go off my seat 100 times for  Janlokpal bill
  • Hold elections immediately in Delhi 
  • I will go to the Lieutenant Governor next and recommend dissolution of the assembly and fresh elections
  • Our cabinet has taken this decision
  • We have been working day and night since we formed government
  • We have spent sleepless nights and worked sincerely
  • Forgive us for mistakes, if any
  • We are humans
  • They say we don’t know how to govern
  • They would have reduced power tariff in 5 years. We managed it in 5 days
  • If we would have accepted bribes and offered some to BJP, Congress, then they would’ve appreciated us
  • They broke mikes and tore papers yesterday
  • Gave bangles to one of our ministers. Does BJP respect women?
  • Centre sees itself as the British goverment. Delhi’s Lieutenant General sees himself as the viceroy

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9 thoughts on “Arvind Kejriwal’s Shocking Speech : Exposes Congress, Ambani & BJP?

  1. What a shock this is! I am pro-Modi because I think he is a strong, dynamic, creative , visionary who can lead India onto the world stage. But I thought it would have been good to have Arvind Kejriwal as CM of Dehli, with his strong stance on anti-corruption to nip at Mr. Modi’s heels! I am sorry that Mr. Kejriwal was not prepared to lead. He sounds very sensitive and not very strong in his short attempt. A pity!

    I am an American who spent 4 months in incredible India in 2013 , mostly in Ahmedabad.


    • Modi May be, have you checked the activities of Hindituva groups and RSS supported by his party? You must study them also, which will give you more neutral perspectives.

      We are here in India born and brought up.. We know the politician’s face too.. It’s confusion to the people. No one has solidly genuine here.. No man can speak anything, if they have to speak they too should be one among the politicians. Sad!


      • I believe what Mr. Modi says about being the leader for all Indians. The world will be watching and keeping him honest. well, I think that changes are coming to India in many ways. How good it was to see Mr. Gandhi give an interview after 10 years. As more people become literate they will understand more and better. I have no vote but I have such hope that Indian people will get the PM that is best for them. I am glad there are so many people involved! God Bless India!


        • Seems you are an Avid Mr.Modi fan… 🙂 Well, I am 49-O Anyways, if he can do something good let him do.. At least someone does.. Let’s see..


        • L O L ! I am glad we can be friends. I don’t understand what 49-0 means. Can you tell me, please?


        • Interesting . My husband has written in a name, but I am of the belief that I want my vote to be worth something not for someone who is not even on the ballet. But that is me. thank you for taking your time to even listen to this American woman! Isn’t great to have the democratic right to vote?


        • Yes it is our duty. I respect, but here are used to choose a better thief from all thieves who will steal a bit less. This could a frank answer you can find in majority of the places. We accepted them, as well as people here need to increase their concern level for the society and do something in action rather complaining or cribbing!

          Thank you for taking your time. After all we will end up in same side of a good life for all people. I do not want to even carry an identity as an India, I always feel as just a homo sapien in this earth.

          Have a good day.. 🙂



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