Kudos : Blue Cross saved a Buffalo from Butcher and Injury

Blue Cross of India saved a Buffalo, not just from a vehicle hit injury, but also from being sold to a butcher who tried to kill that injured animal. Kudos to Blue Cross.


On the 22nd of January, the Blue Cross of India received a call (from ICF Railway station, Chennai, India) that a buffalo had been hit by a vehicle and was in the process of being sold to a butcher. While a few angelic citizens stood around the buffalo and were not permitting the sale to go through, our General Manager, Dawn Williams and BCI volunteer, Mr. Sethuraman arrived on the scene of the accident, accompanied by a division of CSS volunteers. They did not permit the butcher to take the buffalo away and after peacefully daring the butcher and his people to attack them, proceeded to load him up in our ambulance.

The buffalo had broken his left rear leg and was unable to stand. Blue Cross of India veterinarian, Dr. Prasanna, designed a steel splint for the leg, which was then fabricated by Aspick Engineering Pvt. Ltd. and today, the buffalo stands and walks around (as seen in the picture) quite comfortably and is expected to be fully recovered in approximately 6-10 more weeks.

Please note that the Blue Cross of India performs rescues such as this multiple times a day, 24X7, 365 days in the year.

Source : Blue Cross of India


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