Squirrels and Birthday Treat :)

My Photographs

Jungle Babblers

Jungle Babblers

Squirrels are part of our family, everyday morning 6 AM, come and scratch the back door for breakfast. Usually some rice or fruits would go. Just two hands full grain would be shared among 8-10 squirrels and by 7 AM Jungle Babblers will join them and they demand their hand full of Rice again. If we miss out these naughty birds would get inside the home and chirrups around. So we never miss.

The same happens in the evening around 3PM to 5PM during their lunch time. Apart from grains and fruits, they like Cakes, biscuits, Idly, Dosa, etc. 🙂 But all are vegetarians.

I clicked these pictures on my sister’s birthday. This little one has no fear to take away his piece of birthday cake! 🙂

I have a video of them eating cake.. Soon I will upload it 🙂 Try befriending them, they will trust you in no time. All they need is freedom, love and a hand full of grains 😀

– Din


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