Story: 4 People, 2 Minutes and 1 Slap!

This story is just a 2mins incident, narrated from the point of view of 4 people travelling in a metro-bus in India. Interestingly, it is ONE Slap which connects them all together. 


“SLAP!” All I could see is some unknown macho man slapping another man. I don’t know why he has slapped the other guy, who looked trendy and he looks at me as if it has something to do with me. Other passengers are watching us three suspiciously, obvious entertainment for them to find a girl and two guys in such action scene! “Why you have beat him?” The moment I finished, the guy on the receiving end rushed down from the running bus and the macho man finds a seat and answered me nothing but a “Nothing!” I resumed listening to a song on my iPhone, “#### a guy slapped another in bus” I updated on Twitter.

“SLAP!” I slapped him hard on his face and I could see my anger as finger marks on his face. I hardly can tolerate such talks and behaviour. He should have limited with this talk at least. He tried to get near that girl standing before him. She asked me the reason for my sleep. But what could I say? People are watching. They may even find fault with me as well, even she would do! So I said “Nothing” and spotted a seat to sit. ”. All I could do is to go this extend, beyond this its up to them. I laughed at the note “Beware of thieves” on the gents’ side and the other side “Ladies Only”. I confirmed my thought “All men are same to them”!

“SLAP!” A Strong hand delivered it right on my cheek. It is so embarrassing, so much in front of the crowd, but have no option than to remain silent. He could have heard what I said on the phone. The girl too turned back! She asked the reason for him and people too started murmuring something. I should not be there anymore! I have jumped from the moving bus and I am running now without turning back. My phone is ringing, I am sure it is my friends’ waiting for the photo. But I have to keep running, it would be a shame if I get caught! I should not have listened to those guys.

“SLAP” I looked back on the direction of the slap sound to witness two men, probably a duel as there is a girl too nearby. One guy slapped the other I guess. She questioned one guy while the other jumped from the running bus and fled away. The other guy calmly seated and this girl is listening to some pop song I guess so cool. I turned back thinking “How bad these young people are and they have no manners, how to behave in the public. That too in a public bus to slap and fight. Look at that girl and her revealing skimpy costumes! If she is my daughter, I would never allow such dresses to invite trouble. Anyways, it is none of my business to interfere” There comes my stop to get down.


Different people think differently according to their own opinions, when we look at them all together we can make a sense out of it!

– A Story by Din

Bottom line: Women rights activists in India are advocating for freedom of dressing, in private life one can wear whatever he/she wants, but everything has a limit when they come to a public place. We should keep some manners in dressing sense. All of us need to understand the difference between trendy clothing and revealing clothing, also accept that there are good eyes as well as bad eyes around us.

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