Know : National Anthem | Algeria

800px-Flag_of_Algeria.svgKassaman or Qassaman (We Pledge) (Arabic: قَسَمًا‎) is the national anthem of Algeria. It was adopted in 1963, shortly after Independence. The lyrics were written by Mufdi Zakariah in 1956 while imprisoned by the French colonial forces. He wrote the verses using his blood on the 69th cell walls. The composer of the music is Mohamed Fawzi, from Egypt. The lyrics of Kassaman make direct reference to another state, France, the former colonial power in Algeria.



NOTE: National Anthems of various Countries are presented here (on alphabetical order) for educational purposes only with a good intention to spread peace and harmony among nations and mutually respecting one another. In no way the comments should hurt the other country’s sentiments and patriotism. Every Country has its own national pride. Let us value it.

Source and Courtesy: Wikipedia and YouTube


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