You may fall in love with this picture :) by Harjeet Singh Narang

Photograph Copyrights :  Harjeet Singh Naran

Photograph Copyrights : Harjeet Singh Narang

Many times I tried to express what love and life is all about. I realized I lacked some stimulant to express that feeling of differentiating ‘true happiness and material possessions’ in words. We do not need just money to feel peace in our soul. I failed many times trying to express it to people, even my beloved ones.

I have come across people who evaluate people with the amount of money they have. But I always wanted them to tell value people for their virtues that matters a lot more than money. It is character that speaks first. I failed to express that in words. I failed to convince humans to believe what I believe.

This Photograph has done something to my soul and kindled my heart. It is so warm and could melt any soul.

Look at that kid’s eyes – has no traces of anything what happens around her. Countries, Borders, Castes, Religions, Money, Poverty, nothing affected her. All her happiness seems to be with the little chap next to her. What a magic he does to her, or she does to him, I don’t know, but I can feel an innocent love, kindness in their eyes. I have no prayers to make them rich, but I do pray to keep them peaceful and happy as they are in this picture!

A true virtue of human being is to be in love with life and lives around. Look deep into this picture it will speak all stories you need. I never admired any photo like this before.

Thank you Mr.Harjeet Singh Narang, for this masterpiece. You made things wonderful for me, hopefully for many who can grab the content of this inspirational photo. I am falling in love with this picture every moment I look at it. Hope those who read this also will πŸ™‚

– Words by Din

Image Courtesy & Copyrights :Β Harjeet Singh Narang

You can find more here on his photography group :Β Street Children’s Photography


8 thoughts on “You may fall in love with this picture :) by Harjeet Singh Narang

  1. Really such a nice shot .. πŸ™‚


  2. It truly is a beautiful picture. Thanks for sharing.


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