Know : The Power of 49 : It’s Time for Women to Rise

Because every woman has the power of 49% to back her up, she doesn’t need any other means to protect her rights! It’s time women awaken to the Power Of 49!

power of 49Indian women comprise 49% of the electorate, must take an oath to vote for a right person in their constituency. Crime against women is being an alarming issue in India, this forthcoming election is an opportunity to make a clear statement, about women’s democratic participation. If you find a potential Woman candidate, vote for her compared to a Man candidate. You may ask why? 

A report says “Indian women form 48.46% (2011)of the largest democracy in the world. How does that translate into 11% elected representatives in the Lok Sabha (as per PRS Legislative Research) and a mere 14% of Indian women in senior management positions (as per the Grant Thornton 2012 International Business Report)” 

So that 11% can be increased further, who can demand rights for women as equal as men. Not just stop with voting, there are many ways women can make a bold move as Politicians, IAS, IPS, Entrepreneurs, Activists and all other senior positions. Women are doing it already, but it’s time to accelerate the aspirations to aim even bigger. 

We hope for a future where the 11% and 14% turns as 50-50% with men. There are men who still support women and want them to rise equally. Let that begin with this power of 49.

figure-3-Voter-Turn-OUtThe first parliamentary elections in 1951 saw 44.8% voter turnout. It reached 58% in the 2009, 15th Lok Sabha elections. The gap between the male-female percentage points in voter participation has been decreasing in the past five parliamentary elections. India still lags behind in women’s representation in legislatures at only 11% in the present Lok Sabha.


Democracy is synonymous with people’s participation. Lower participation of the population implies that lesser voices are represented.

Jaago re.

Courtesy : Tata Tea,, The Election Commission of India and


3 thoughts on “Know : The Power of 49 : It’s Time for Women to Rise

  1. I am sorry but I am not sure what I am missing in the film clip. I don’t get it. I like your words but can’t figure the clip. Maybe lost in the translation…. claudy


    • 🙂 Sure I brief you the context of the Ad. Hope this helps.

      The gang of young woman in the parlor were talking about how a “pepper spray” can protect them in case of any danger to them. The girl work in the parlor tells that she use “kaalaa teeka (like mascara)”. But the others teases her views as “Outdated”, “illiterate”. Then she responds “Even educated women should get ‘Kaalaa Teeka'” and then she shows her what she meant was to cast their vote (she shows the vote ink on her finger)

      Further understanding : Indian Mothers ask their kids to apply “Kaala Teeka” The only reason behind is that every one is jealous of perfection and since every mother feels that their kid is perfect she applies a black spot on him to make him look imperfect so that their kid might not burn in some assholes jealous rage.
      A Mother applying Kaala Teeka

      Thanks for asking Claudy 🙂



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