Story : Losing something is not a reason to worry

A poor family of a worker, lived in a small town. He worked hard and honest though his earnings were just enough to meet his family’s day to day needs. One day his wife went to a vegetable market and she has just 10 Rupees with her. That could be enough for buying vegetable for two days for her family.

6DietingTipsShe carefully picked a few vegetables in a very little quantity and calculated the price before paying the money. It was well within 10 Rupees. The shopkeeper checked the vegetables and asked her to pay 9 Rupees. She checked her money purse, but the 10 Rupee note was missing. The purse was torn and old, she had lost the money somewhere. With no choice she returned the vegetables and returned home, searching all the way for the rupee note.

Her husband asked her what happened? “I lost the money somewhere”, she showed the torn purse. He consoled her to leave that and not to worry about it. But she knew the value of the hard earned money. She leaned on his shoulders and cried.

The next day she went to market again, but kept the money in her palm so she does not lose it this time. On the way she found a little boy with a school bag crying and she walked to him.

“What happened? Why are you crying?” 

“I did not pay the Flag fee to the school and the teacher sent me out of the class. He asked me not to come to school here after” the boy broken into tears even more.

Temporary Folder4“Do not cry. What is your father doing?” She wiped his tears with her saree.

“I do not have father, my mother is a brick cutter.” 

“How much you need to pay?” she asked with a worried face.

“Ten Rupees”, he replied.

Without even thinking for a moment, she gave the money to him and walked him to his school nearby. He paid the fees to his teacher while she watches and he came out and thanked her. 

He ran inside the classroom with a merry face. 

She returned home without buying the vegetables. “Where are the vegetables?, even today, you lost the money?” he was a bit annoyed.

“No”, she told him what happened. 

He did not get angered or any disappointment “see, you are not crying today, but you lost the same money yesterday, you know why?”

She was unable to explain why.

He answered “Our worries are not because we lost money! In both cases we lost money, but only the way you look at it has changed. You felt better when you know that you lost money for some good reason. You have bought home the little boy’s happiness instead of vegetables now!” 


Courtesy : Adapted work from Thenkachi Ko. Swaminathan’s Stories : Indru Oru Thagaval


3 thoughts on “Story : Losing something is not a reason to worry

  1. Such a touching story! True 🙂


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