Earth Our Home Too : Dog Takes A Bullet to Save Humans


“If Charlie had not taken the bullet, it would have hit one of my children,” a family member says.

Charlie, a dog who was shot by intruders who broke into her Los Angeles home. When Charlie and two other dogs faced down the intruders, four bullets were fired, striking Charlie in two legs. Charlie’s family didn’t have the resources to pay for the medical care she needed and so were forced to surrender her to the police, who took her to North Central Shelter, a high-intake facility run by the Los Angeles Animal Services.

It’s hard to imagine a more heartbreaking or unjust situation. Charlie had literally saved the lives of her family. Now Crowd funding has saved the dog’s life. See more here


charlie-resting charlie-and-owners


May be the dog may not know that a bullet will be fired at her, but it’s all love that animals have on us. We need a little love to understand them and we need a lot of heart to realize there are millions of animals we missed to care for.

The earth is their home too, they belong to our family!


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