A Weird Dream of the Distant Past and the Far Future!


I feel no difference between You and Me.
You the human, the plant, the animal and the creatures.
We are nothing but one.
Divided as billion souls, we sought asylum in this planet as one.
Our beginning is a mystery beyond our bliss we are in now.
We took the forms, evolved with time, shapes and sizes grown and shrunk!
Memories of previous realms vanished.
Is this a time travel or time itself a myth?
Eons passed, we are still travelling,
We know the truth, hidden far beneath in our soul!
The soul scattered as Billions, yet searching for the truth!
There is no death till unification as one!
We are nothing but one.

Black, White, Rich, Poor, Human, Plants, Animal and undetectable microbes!
We are billion souls scattered across!
Destined for unification!
We are the Evil, we are the Good!
There are no enemies, but we.
We knew what unite us!
That is the clue!
We have common virtues of “Love and Kindness.

The messengers always said “Love and Kindness”
But we have enemies to deny it.
We are the enemies to ourselves, but no one else.

We fight, we kill the forms!
We return again to seek the truth!
We are nothing but one!
We are nothing but “Love and Kindness”

Oh! Unification in the far future…
We do not know how far you are!
We travelled Mercury and Venus in the past.
Now we boarded here…
Still, the core is hot in this planet Earth!
Our Science counterpart says so.

Next home could be the Mars?
Oh! Unification will you come before?
Or do we need to start again?
From Square One!

Riddles continue…
Where is our real home?
Unification has the Answer!

    Words by Din


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